Practise in a professional context

I intend to use this module to develop my practice with a view to being part of some group shows/ small exhibitions by the end of the year. I think my work has developed in the past few months and feels ready to show. I would like to be more serious about selling work and putting myself out there. I plan to collate a coherent list of places to apply to, or contact. This will also include lists of galleries that I would like to keep my eye on for the future. As suggested by Sarah, I intend to look more closely at other printmakers and artists who are further down their career paths to see which places they have shown at.  

I would also like to research residencies for the future and potential funding options. Meanwhile I know that I need to keep making and developing work to understand it better. I know one of the drawbacks I have had previously is being too general and broad with themes and ideas, I’m starting to become much more specific and detailed in my approach to making. I think it’s important for me to articulate this better, starting with a good artist statement. This will be helpful to me when applying for shows/ making contacts. 

With making in mind, I’d like to use some of this time to do some more on site research, contact some museums or spend more time thinking about using archives. I also need to make some decisions about how ceramics works within my practice, especially when showing work.  

I think my website could also do with updating and a bit of time spent on it, I have my work for sale on there and get some sales that way but not many.  

I think a lot of what is standing in my way is confidence to put my work out there, I know that most of the game is steadily working while networking and approaching people who sell work. So far I’ve avoided doing this, being lucky that people approach me but that isn’t going to make a sustainable career as an artist.  

I intend to use this term to research, and approach where appropriate, places I’d like my work to be, I’ll create two lists, one that I feel I could be part of now, and small galleries that I’d like to be in further down the line.